Where We Meet

The members of the Rupanyup Men’s Shed Inc meet in various different venue locations and we commonly run meetings, seminars, workshops and classes on Sundays between 9am and 5pm.

Many of our activities such as BBQs and social meetings are undertaken in public spaces or lunches and dinners at commercial restaurants or hotels around the region.

The current venue locations we use for groups and clubs such as Computers, Camera/Photography, Cooking Club, Family History/Genealogy, Youth Group and similar are either in private homes and public spaces or at other places where a standard meeting room suits the activities.

In order to meet all our activities we also sometimes rely on members to make their own private houses available to host small meetings and workshop gatherings and to date these homes, with the venues mentioned, we are expecting to meet all our current needs.

Basically, the Rupanyup Men’s Shed Inc. supports workshops, training programs and activities with groups and clubs focused mainly for the interests of men and we also are inclusive of women, youth and visitors.

The Rupanyup & District Women’s Shed Inc. also supports workshops, training programs and activities with groups and clubs focussed mainly for the interests of women and meets privately in members homes as well as online through Facebook.

The Rupanyup & District Woodcrafts Club is an integral part of the Men’s Shed now and our members generally work on projects at each members homes and in private sheds and workshops.

We have started to develop the possible use of the rear workshop area at Boydy’s as a possible workshop venue in the future as it is well known to all participants.

Woodcrafts cover of any type of woodwork including furniture and craft objects d’Art.

The Rupanyup & District Walking Group often meets in front of members homes as a group or can meet at the Rupanyup Post Office, Boydy’s Take Away, Rupanyup Recreation Reserve, Rupanyup Billabong or some other place known to all participants before taking in a walk.

The Walking Group encourages activities and solo or groups around the region including walking audits for improving local footpaths and walking tracks and travels to other towns by individuals cars and also meets to walk at pre arranged locations as groups as well.

The Rupanyup & District Dog Training Club meet at members houses first before heading to open spaces such as the Rupanyup Primary School Oval or the Recreation Reserve where we believe in training our dogs in a friendly but responsible manner.

Quite often, prior to meeting up, Members generally study a few agreed and planned obedience techniques on YouTube or other websites beforehand to then share and practice these techniques when teaching our dogs.

This training process is educational for both the human participants as well as the animals and to date has been reasonably informal and loads of fun.

The Rupanyup & District Swimming Group generally meet in the carpark that is almost opposite the Commercial Hotel in the middle of the main street before heading out in our cars to the pool of choice.

This is where we gather for that particular swim activity and our members take turns to travel to the pools (either Horsham or Stawell) in each others vehicles.

The Rupanyup & District Computer Club currently meets virtually online and has a regular presence using the messaging component available on Facebook. This simple messaging service provided through Facebook is used to keep interesting information in front of all participants

Our flexible approach to locations and mobility allows us to hold regular ongoing classes and workshops where participants can come and undertake training in a wide range of software programs using Notebook or Laptops, Desktop Computers and Tablets which are all able to access the internet through wireless network or portable via a USB dongle and share a scanner and a series of networked laserjet printers.

We are planning a range of computer classes to introduce newcomers to computers, and for exploring or providing participants with a vehicle to research advice on computer issues and for learning  a whole range of computer programs and web sites.

The Rupanyup & District Genealogy Club meet online through Facebook and now with the computers to be provided on the internet where much of the research can be undertaken with the support of a tutor.

Mostly we use Family Tree Maker software from Ancestry.com.au and Family Tree Builder software from MyHeritage.com to build family history websites.

The Rupanyup & District Cooking Club also currently meet in different members homes and our activities are being kept on the more basic side at this stage until we have a permanent venue to meet the needs of the cooking classes as a club, in the meantime, cooking activities and sharing of all sorts of recipes including tips n tricks with the use of Facebook and at members own homes

We have the opportunity to develop programs that can be undertaken at the commercial kitchen located in Boydy’s Take Away when we are of a group size suitable to make this excellent activity worthwhile.

The Rupanyup & District Camera Club have been using Facebook and other online means to keep in touch with other camera clubs and photographic groups and we now have the ideal venue to have workshops and hands on lessons in a manner that allows these activities to grow.

With the use of the workshop studio at the rear of 7 Simpson Avenue being available as a private venue, a range of activities for participants including discussions, competitions and exhibitions will be possible to be run.

This group has ventured out in individual cars to photograph landscape locations around the region in order to scope some more locations for future photographic activities.

The Rupanyup & District Men’s Group, Rupanyup & District Women’s Health Groups and Rupanyup & District Carers Support Groups are all Online Health Promotions Groups that currently meet in members private homes provide us with venues where set meeting dates and times can be arranged.

Like the other clubs and groups, Facebook and email currently plays the role to update members of what is current and where to source support if it is needed for additional grassroots support of carers of people with disabilities (strategies and support programs).

The Rupanyup & District Mobile Men’s Shed is a group project that is being developed by a few keen members to develop a trailer van that can visit community centres and events to deliver health messages and information for both Men and Women.

It consists of a covered trailer or caravan that is fitted out with 2 portable wide screen TVs, 2 x DVD players, a notebook computer and internet dongle for internet access and then heaps of brochures, DVDs, Video Presentations, posters, handouts and giveaways on Men’s Health related matters.

We will also have a small PA system and microphone for speaking events but these are planned to be held by this mobile Men’s Shed visiting at other Men’s Sheds, Community House’s, Shows, Events or other Venue’s that the host audience or participants will provide.

A comprehensive discussion about men’s or women’s health issues follows a general discussion about rural health and then video type health education presentations by a wide number of mainly men is provided on an extensive number of men’s and women’s health topics.

The Rupanyup & District Holidays and Tours Club also meet online and through Facebook.

They are a group of people keen to plan and research their future holidays and tours and camping or free sites with a few volunteers who are giving up their time to be helpful, friendly, supportive and to guide members with how to make informed travel decisions online so they might have a better trip!

With the computers being portable as notebooks and available in most homes, we are confident that better connected research of locations and tours can be planned and presented as locations for other groups and clubs to come along as well.

The Rupanyup & District Business Club provides established, new and aspiring future small or micro business owners with support using simple tools, strategies, discussions and sharing ideas to research or seek advice to grow their businesses.

The Vision is to be the most active support network for micro and home-based businesses in the Wimmera – Mallee or Yarriambiack Shire and surrounding areas.

The Mission is to grow a simple relationship based business network that empowers and supports it’s members to pursue their ideas, to grow and develop themselves, their businesses and one another’s businesses in a easy to access and supportive environment.

The Rupanyup & District Community Action Group has been formed to help develop a wider voice for members of the community that feel under represented by the current organisations in the community said to be our community spokespeople.

There are a number of issues we all face in rural and regional communities and our role will be to research and examine ways to support actions that might bring about change for the common good of the community and for the benefit of our own Community and Social Justice development or lobbying activities.

The Rupanyup & District Youth Leadership Group has been established to help support the delivery of leadership skills for our youth to grow into ideal leaders; to guide, to inspire & further help others grow into leaders.

The Youth Leadership Group develop projects and activities that are planned and managed by young people where they research and plan and run as leaders a number of events to gain skills as young responsible adults.

The Rupanyup & District Over 40s Social Club is an active social group for singles & couples 40 years & over to bring individuals together to participate in social fun.Currently the group is investigating the wide range of social activities such as Gallery Visits, Wineries, Boutique Breweries, Country Dances, Blues Train, Rock n Roll nights, Live Theatre, Comedy Club and Movie programs available around Victoria.

The Rupanyup & District Fishing Club is for those wanting to learn to make their own lures, grab tips n tricks for land based fishing in rivers, estuary, beach and rock/pier fishing.

Social & family orientated excursions to a number of members own favourite fishing locations are planned and during these excursion some workshops on fishing techniques will be presented.

We are lucky in as much as we have an author of a number of quality fishing books on topics such as Fly casting, Fly tying, Fly fishing, Trout fishing in Victorian Streams and other fishing books who has made the available to us as a founding member.

Fred recently donated a very large collection of flies to the Australian Fly Fishing Museum in Clarendon, Tasmania.

At a meeting later into the May or June, Fred Craker the author, will visit to talk to us about his angling life, fishing for trout with a fly rod and tying flies and if we are truly lucky, he will also demonstrate the tying of a couple of his flies.

The New Rupanyup & District Spectator is a local newspaper in development for publication and distribution around the Rupanyup Community and Region that is based on the look and style of the original Rupanyup Spectator Newspaper of the 1800/1900s.

The Rupanyup & District Stitch “n” Bitch Club provides support for women’s community Knitting and Crochet and other more social activities.

The Rupanyup & District Digital Music Club – For the creation of home recording studios for musicians as well as developing the structures for talk shows and playing music through an online streaming community radio station.

The Rupanyup & District Youth Job Club has been formed to assist local youth to develop skills and research the various work opportunities ahead of them before leaving school and to build resumes and practice role play for interviews etc.

The Rupanyup & District Movie & Cinema Club is a DVD Movie project where members visit private homes and watch selected movies as well as visiting cinemas around Victoria for the premiere viewing of various planned movies.

The Rupanyup & District Wine Lovers Club is for wine lovers that wish to make their own wine and learn or practice the art of wine making or those wishing to visit selected wineries for vineyard or cellar door wine tasting tours.

The Rupanyup & District Coffee Lovers Club is similar to the wine and beer lovers club as it is for those that wish to roast their own coffee on a small scale and those that simply love different coffees and have cupping activities to visit coffee shops to sample and taste new blends of coffee.

The Rupanyup & District Beer Lovers Club has grown out of members interests to know more about making and tasting beer or for existing beer lovers that wish to make their own beer and learn or practice the art of brewing or those wishing to visit selected boutique breweries for beer tasting tours.

The Rupanyup & District Online Learning Club simply utilises the offers of online courses through U3A Online and other selected Major Universities worldwide that offer public free or low cost training in a huge range of subjects and assists members to work through any issues or provide support with any obstacles they may encounter with the online process.

The Rupanyup & District Prospectors & Fossickers Club is supported directly by Fred Craker for those members that wish to research locations, gain their miners rights and learn about the use of mine (gold) detectors, panning dish and sluice box and further for organising private excursions and for visiting and prospecting or fossicking around the State.

The Rupanyup & District Oral History Group has been formed for the immediate development of equipment, testing and recording of Oral History projects either locally or around the region where required.

The Rupanyup & District Book Reading & Reviews Club is a small group of members who wish to read both fiction and non-fiction hard cover, paperback and e-books and then offer their opinions by a review to the group at a meeting online and at private homes by prior arrangement.

For more information about the Rupanyup Men’s Shed Inc simply call David Craker 03 84142975 or email: admin@rupanyupmensshed.org.au

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