Rupanyup Men’s Shed Inc update for June 2014

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The Rupanyup Men’s Shed Association has been busy in May with the various special interest groups around town.

Our Rupanyup Woodcraft Group are seeking a permanent venue to start their activities other than using their own home workshops and sheds.



The Rupanyup Men’s Shed Inc appreciates the ongoing support provided by Judith Heeps and we can only hope that the members and community continues to get behind her and shows their support by patronising the Boydy’s Take Away shop in return.

The Rupanyup Walking Group and Dog Training Group were busy with the undertaking of walking audits of some of the better known walking tracks around Rupanyup, Murtoa and Horsham.

A walking audit is where a group of walkers photograph and physically records all the various routes for a walk and at the same time looks at how they may be improved for things such as walker safety and for the inclusion of other participants such as mothers with prams or gophers or people with special needs.

The Rupanyup Walking Group is also planning the audits and recording of some other tracks in other towns throughout the region to be recorded and registered on the Walking Maps and Victoria Walks websites to attract other walking groups to venture out and visit our communities and to raise awareness of what is on offer locally.

The addition of Jack’s Track and a Cromie Street walks were added to Walking Map website and on our website here and to gain some interest with other walking groups some invitations were sent for other groups to come and try them for fun.

The map route for jacks track in rupanyup
The map route for jacks track in rupanyup

The Rupanyup Swimming Group activity has slowed a little due to the colder months and other activities being run on the same days as the swimming activities, however it is expected that they will be back swimming again soon.

The Rupanyup Camera Club has a full list of programs and workshops planned for new photographers for the next few months and have focussed firstly on a class for those people wanting to buy a new digital camera.

The workshops will look at the different sorts of cameras and their different strengths and weaknesses and will allow participants to gain a firm understanding of what is really best for their needs and where to start.

There are also more advanced workshops being developed and so be watching for more news in coming weeks and months.

The Rupanyup Computer Club has a similar busy and full range of workshops that will cater for the usual run of windows programs but will also cover buying a new computer and even upgrading your own existing one.

They have also planned some activities for those of you with iPads, Tablets and other new smaller Android digital devices on how to get the best use with the thousands of different programs and apps.

Be watching for more computer news in coming weeks as well.

The Rupanyup Cooking Club has focussed on Muffins, Fairy Cakes, Pizzas and also Casseroles with Slow Cookers in May and a few new activities with interesting recipes are planned for culinary experiments in June.

A project for the creation of a cooking book is under way with recipes currently being sourced and cooked and tested for inclusion in the book.

It is proposed for the recipe book to be in both hard copy paper version as well as a digital version for use with meal planners and on computers as well.

The Rupanyup Men’s Health Group and Rupanyup Carers Support Group have a couple of long term projects underway and they will have more to present after the winter months are over.

For more information about any of the programs we currently run or are planning, feel free to call or email the details below.

Rupanyup Men’s Shed Inc
Ph 0353105931 or

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