The Rupanyup Men’s Shed is officially a member of Mensheds Australia.


In April 2014, the Rupanyup Mens Shed applied to join Mensheds Australia and we have been in development mode and working to establish a permanent venue in order to operate as an effective organisation to support our members.

Over recent weeks we have moved closer to the fully operational mode and on Monday finally actioned our membership with Mensheds Australia.

Mensheds Australia

MSA formed in 2006 as an organisation to support the early initiatives to establish sheds.

The purpose was to help sheds use the experience of other men’s sheds and provide access to expertise about the formation, structure and operation of men’s sheds.

MSA facilitated the formation of new sheds through collating information and providing information to men’s sheds.

The vision for men’s sheds is to:

  • Provide support to men in need of help arising from mental illness or other chronic illnesses;
  • Ease the transition of men from full-time employment to other activities in retirement;
  • Provide an additional link between the primary health network and the many men who have no regular contact with that network;
  • Establish a place for men that enabled social interaction and activities to maintain the health and wellbeing of those men;
  • Build a culture in the sheds where all men are welcome and where mutual respect and trust are paramount;
  • Become a focal point in the community for the identification of men’s health issues and actions to resolve those issues.

MSA prepared a range of materials relating to the establishment, structure and operation of men’s sheds that were available to member sheds.

MSA also established a help desk as a place where men’s sheds could obtain information, discuss issues and exchange information.

These are on-going services that are provided to men’s sheds like ours.

Mensheds Australia Ltd. is a not-for-profit Australian Public Company, Limited by Guarantee, dedicated to supporting and resourcing men’s sheds across Australia.

Mensheds Australia is a registered Health Promotion Charity and endorsed as a Deductibility Gift Recipient (DGR), ACN No 122 352 372.

If you have any questions about MSA or its member services please contact Roy Powell, MSA Director, directly at or call the Help desk – phone 0457 888 387

Mensheds Australia – PO Box 723 – Baulkham Hills, NSW 2154, Australia

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