Rupanyup & District Cooking Club Recipe Book

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Rupanyup & District Cooking Club Recipe Book

To Community Houses, Community Centres, Men’s Sheds, Learning Centres, Cooks, Chefs and Mothers with Family Recipes to share, we need your help!

At a meeting of our Club, the idea of creating a few books of meal recipes directed mainly at men without partners or carers, single men and disabled men was raised.

The concept of a Men’s cooking book, that presented easily prepared and nourishing meals, that were low cost, that included basic ingredients and delivered real flavour was felt would be worthwhile for everyone especially men.

The idea of allowing between 30 to 45 minutes for many of the meals in cooking time was suggested as well as those recipes and meals that might use a minimum of utensils was important as many male cooks may only have the barest of cooking equipment…

We are looking to have at least 50 recipes for meals that would allow us to basically have one meal for each week of the year..

Clearly, the seasons of the year and different celebrations will be important as well as the use of different types of alternatives ie: meat substitutes for religious purposes, diabetic, vegetarian, gluten free and other dietary needs will be important as well.

We are hoping to create and use this initial cookery book to be used in conjunction with a few weight loss and exercise activities and with the addition of some valuable lesson plans, may form the centrepiece of other important projects for our Men’s Groups and indeed other Community Groups to take up as their own.

This project needs your help and the help of your members, cooking class participants, teachers and students, and all interested persons in as much as we need the loads of recipes for creating this book..

All recipes received will be cooked as described and tested for consistency and a list of the first main 50 will be prepared, assessed and then photographed to then be compiled into a finished book product.

Please understand, this project is still in the concept stage, but we feel that it will be become a worthwhile project for any cooking group to possibly undertake as well..

We are keen for soups, appetisers, main meals and deserts as well as any special treats that might be selected for finishing the whole meal.

As yet, beverages have not been discussed but if you have a special suggestion as to the ideal accompanying product, we would love to hear about it.

The main finished item is proposed to be a hand produced ring bound book, possibly A4 or A5 in size and the recipes are proposed to be released one week at a time online on a webpage or our Facebook page as well.

If we add them online, the vast majority of people can access them globally..

Any sales to come from these books would be used on further activities and programs in the future and perhaps another edition would be undertaken if it was to catch on..

All submissions will be accredited back to their authors unless requests for anonymity are made at the time of submission.

As far as can be technically arranged, a weekly profile of the recipes authors including head shot photos might be included with their recipes online as well.

We have started to write to possible sponsors or donors in order to help us meet the costs for printing and binding etc and if we are successful in gaining sufficient support, we may also move the project into an ongoing competition with prizes awarded for submissions etc..

So, we are calling for your favourite recipe submissions, we would love to hear of further ideas on how you might see this project grow..

We cannot guarantee that every recipe will be accepted and published, however, we will work to make the most of every submission in some way for the benefit of all.

We will happily take recipes by email and through the good old snail mail and please no not be discouraged by the time that mail may take to get to us as we are a very small group of volunteers who will not be able to complete all the work involved for at least the next few months..

We DO NOT have the capabilities to take recipe calls over the phone but will happily talk to anyone who would like to offer any advice as to how we can expand the interest everywhere and perhaps extend the process to other interested groups as well…

Feel free to pass this information on to anyone you feel can assist us but please, do not spam or annoy others with this if they do not wish to receive it, please ask first..

This project is also open to International groups that wish to join in, and beyond Australia, we currently have a little early support for the concept from Men’s Sheds in Ireland, Scotland, England, Wales, Canada, New Zealand and expect that some groups from the USA may possibly submit a favourite locally based recipe or two.

So in a nutshell, this is a project we hope that you or your members may wish to get involved with and we are sure that before too long there will be a finished book and website to grace some active Men’s kitchens out there..

To find out more about the project, or to submit a recipe or two or to simply discuss how you can help, please email: or in Australia, call us on 0353105931

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