Rupanyup Men’s Shed Community Action Group is formed.

Are there things that you would like addressed with your local area?
What issues do you see with the local area that could be improved?

The Rupanyup Men’s Shed Community Action Group are keen to hear your views about what it is like for you and your families to be living and working in Rupanyup and surrounding areas..

Do you have issues with your roads, gutters, nature strips, weed control, footpaths, crossings and school collections, local school bus transport services, travel issues to secondary college, V-Line services, Horsham Community Bus services, Rail and Bus Connections, Rail to Melbourne, Geelong or Ballarat.

How do you feel the Rupanyup sewer program is proceeding and are you happy with the way the footpaths, nature strips and gardens have been finished by the contractors?

What is your drinking water like now the water treatment from Murtoa and pipeline has been completed, did GWMWater keep you informed as to what was happening and what to do now?

Is your water clear and drinkable after completion or is it less than you expected before the connection?

Do you share the concerns of others within the region regarding the availability of employment (particularly skilled employment) and have any ideas and suggestion for improvements or strategies which may be undertaken to influence business growth and sustainability.?

Do you have a concern around our town with the lack of structured programs and lack of availability of some positive activities for younger people other than sports?

Do you have a fear about possible crime and similar related drug use in and around our town?

Are you sick of continued mobile phone black spots and unreliable internet for Rupanyup and are these some of your biggest concerns.

Do you want more input and feedback from Council and other Agencies with issues we see around the region, then we want to work with you to improve their process and make sure it is all fully transparent for us all.

If you have some thoughts and want to have something to say, raise your voice and simply call us on 0353105931 or email


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