The Rupanyup & District Mobile Men’s Shed

The Mobile Men’s Shed has been developed by the Rupanyup Men’s and Women’s Shed members for an additional community health information service.

The Rupanyup & District Mobile Men’s Shed (Health Wagon) is our program to construct a covered trailer that is equipped with 2 portable wide screen TVs, 2 x DVD players, a notebook computer and internet dongle for internet access, a high volume network laser printer, large library of brochures, DVDs, posters and handouts on Men’s and Women’s Health related matters.

We also carry a small PA system and microphone for speaking events if required however, speaking events  will mainly be held at a Men’s Shed or community house or other venue such as to peoples workplaces and community sites in Victoria that the audience participants provide and we attend as guests within a 200km radius of Rupanyup.

The concept is, instead of men or women coming to us at an event we have to plan and fund and run and one that needs us to find a venue and insurance and lots of people to deliver the message, we simply create our own mobile health message.

Once established, we will advertise that we can come and visit and put on information presentations on most health issues that will interest men and women of all ages and the participants can pay a small nominal fee to assist with travel costs or we have a flat fee for bringing the event to them.

2014_Covered_Wagon_Trailers_7x14_   An example of the Mobile Men’s Shed trailer being proposed.

What is different with what is already currently being provided by health providers?

Currently our Men’s and Women’s Health Groups are seeking volunteers that have had or are still undergoing treatment for their various diseases and who are willing to discuss their experiences on camera.

Our Camera Club and Digital Audio Club have equipment to be able to video and record them through an interview where we ask all sorts of relevant questions and have them answer them honestly and in their own way, warts and all.

These are videos and audios are made by real people, about real men or women, with a totally grassroots point of view about the many real and heartfelt issues that these people and carers and family have actually lived through.

The whole mobile idea is for the creative and innovative use of this exclusive video content, as well as highly-sought after editorial content in health brochure and wealth of expert advice available through this content on health, fitness, muscle, nutrition, sex, style, grooming and weight loss.

The service also provides advice for accessing referrals to some of the peak bodies, major, local or regional health professionals on healthy eating, exercise, mental health, cancer, and sexual health.

People who have the greatest need for health information are often reluctant to seek it out in person and relatively little research has been undertaken about the potential benefits of the Internet for supporting mature aged Men and Women with their information needs, or why only some people go online for health and wellbeing information, with this program we can take it directly to them.

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