OH&S – Shed Policy & Procedures

In the last month we have been working a Shed Policy and Procedures document.

We felt that many of our clubs and groups were operating in different ways and we needed a some documents that reflected what we were doing and how we were a little different to the average Men’s Shed with these activities…

Thankfully we had some document templates donated by other Men’s Sheds and these have helped us to be up and running with our own docs quite quickly.

The Policy and Procedure Manuals along with an Induction Manual for New Members is to be reviewed at the next committee meeting.

We already have a Health and Safety Policy in place and this was also supplied from a Shed in Western Australia for us to modify and use as we saw fit..

Thankfully we have been well supported by fellow shedders who wanted to see us get started and suggested we need not reinvent the wheel.


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