Membership is open to any adult person who completes a membership application, pays the annual membership fee and whose application to join the association is accepted by the management committee.

Membership is subject to acceptance of the Rupanyup Men’s Shed Inc’s constitution and by-laws.

To join the Rupanyup Men’s Shed Inc, simply email us or call us on 03 84142975 to chat with a program coordinator and you will be made most welcome.

Enquiries concerning possible membership for men who have, or may be considered to have a major disability, should be made by contacting the coordinator.

Every effort is made to accommodate the needs of those with disabilities, however some forms of disability may preclude membership for reasons of member safety and well-being and always, confidentiality is assured.

Membership Fees:

There is no membership fee for connecting online through Facebook with our organisation, we wanted to remove this process as a barrier.

Our main Association membership fee is annually $25 with an additional $5 fee for Public Liability insurance cover, and $2 drop-in fee at each live meeting to cover coffee/teas costs as refreshments.

There is however separate fees for those who wish to participate in our different courses workshops, seminars and exhibitions which covers course materials and expenses and these are advertised when the courses, workshops, seminars and exhibitions are presented..

See the courses and workshops links on this site for the relevant fees for the individual courses or workshops.

We are in regular discussion about how we meet our physical costs with regards to tutors, equipment maintenance, power, insurances and venues and we attempt to assure that fees are as low as possible and not at a high cost because we want to remove all the barriers to participation as we can.

Understandably, we also do need to cover our admin and normal operation costs.

To download a membership application form as a PDF File, APPLICATION FORM

For any membership enquiries and for a membership form, you can simply forward an email to us here:

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