Local Economy Trading System for Rupanyup

There used to be a Local Economy Trading System – LETS in Murtoa according to data I found some years ago.

Bonnie Faull who was the the SLAAM Community House had told me that it had been a small group that may never have found enough support and closed down.

A LETS is a barter system of tradesmen, retail businesses, service providers and other members that devise methods of using its own medium of exchange, barter or local currency instead of using hard cash.

The ‘LETS noticeboard’ is a directory of services on offer, and can be used to record the skills people themselves feel are marketable such as Handyman, Baby Sitting, Ironing, Volunteer, Trades, Services, Printing, etc can all be listed.

Anyone can become involved as listings are usually free, or at most cost a few LET units.

Although the LETS system is used mainly to barter existing skills, it does encourage members to develop their skills and opportunities more in line with existing local needs.

It also encourages local craftspeople to upgrade their skills to gain confidence or consider developing and undertaking a commercial level venture.

It also assumes that all people have some skills they can barter so it encourages them to think positively about the value to a community of their personal abilities.

If you have any interest in understanding more or even putting you name down to identify local opportunities now or in the future, then call David Craker 0353105931 or simply email the Rupanyup Men’s Shed Inc: admin@rupanyupmensshed.org.au

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