Key Principles of Men’s Sheds

Here are the main key principals behind our Men’s Shed that we feel are critical to a strategy to build a successful and continuing men’s shed.

We know it will take some time for all of these principles to be able to work for the members and produce the results that will earn the respect of our men’s shed as a model for grassroots support in the community.

1. Local autonomy
This refers to our organisational structure of the men’s shed and involves us fostering an interest in members to build our organisation to a better sense of self ownership and control of our future.

2. Adapt to local needs
The Rupanyup Men’s Shed committee of management has to continue to measure and monitor all we do and further identify the niche characteristics noted above to develop all our programs to fit that situation.

3. Quality management and operations
It is almost as easy to operate and manage well as it is to “muddle through” any activity so we need to strive for best rather than just ok!.

4. Success comes for a series of small steps
Like a good wine, it is made form quality ingredients, through small measured steps that achieve results and that over time matures into a premium product. Year after year of fine quality produce builds a reputation of excellence, momentum and credibility.

Many ambitious plans have faltered through attempting to do too much too soon and promising too much.

5. Needs healthy men
The ideal is to have a membership that reflects the characteristics of the population and that the fit, able and skilled provide the capacity to support those men in need of help.

6. Own funding capacity
Some degree of financial independence preserves autonomy and flexibility in developing the program of activities and without it creates a stale and lifeless void.

7. Operates a men’s health program
This has to be developed as a core of the men’s shed program online and it may take some time to develop this part of the program in conjunction with other health services as the support agencies for planning and delivery.

8. Health program activities
A variety of activities helps to keep men active, learning, interacting together and generally enjoying themselves in a stress-free environment are all part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

9. Formal health program activities
There is an emerging view that all of us should take more responsibility for our own health and wellbeing if we are to enjoy a full life and keep medical costs contained.

The formal program should help men in men’s shed communities to be active managers of their own health.

This then clearly establishes the local men’s shed as the pivot for men’s health activities in their community.

10. Become part of the formal health system
There is a real chain of providers for the delivery of health services for men in our region and our men’s shed should identify the particular needs that we properly fill in the wider delivery of men’s health services to our members and carers and to the men in the communities where we all work and live.

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